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کد10275:Handbook of Pharmaceutical Excipients 7th 2018

کد10275:Handbook of Pharmaceutical Excipients 7th 2018

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Handbook of Pharmaceutical Excipients 7th 2018 1064 pg

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Handbook of Pharmaceutical Excipients 7th 2018


The information consists of monographs that are divided into 22 sections to enable the reader to find the information of interest easily. Although it was originally intended that each monograph contain only information about a single excipient, it rapidly became clear that some substances or groups of substances should be discussed together. This gave rise to such monographs as ‘Coloring Agents’ and ‘Hydrocarbons’. In addition, some materials have more than one monograph depending on the physical characteristics of the material, e.g. Starch versus Pregelatinized Starch. Regardless of the complexity of the monograph they are all divided into 22 sections as follows:

1. Nonproprietary Names

2. Synonyms

3. Chemical Name and CAS Registry Number

4. Empirical Formula and Molecular Weight

5. Structural Formula

6. Functional Category

7. Applications in Pharmaceutical Formulation or


8. Description

9. Pharmacopeial Specifications

10. Typical Properties

11. Stability and Storage Conditions

12. Incompatibilities

13. Method of Manufacture

14. Safety

15. Handling Precautions

16. Regulatory Status

17. Related Substances


19. Specific References

20. General References

21. Authors

22. Date of Revision


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